Time Served Ministry is a religious organization that carries the gospel inside the jail and prison communities to reach inmates. Attendees are interested in learning about the hope (love) that Jesus Christ has to offer. We offer Bible studies, reading plans, prayer time, and gospel-centered worship services. Since 2008, TSM continues to bring a Christ-centered gospel message of hope and restoration to the incarcerated, their families, and the nearby communities that have been affected by addiction. *All* proceeds from purchases on this webpage are used to support Time Served Ministry's "Bible Drive" for their weekly visitations. Enjoy!




Green Pod:

Pray for Candace, Wayne & homeless … (Barry)

Pray for bond payment & rehabilitation … (Clifton)

Pray for joyful & abundant life to find me … (Tony) 

Pray for me to remain in the good favor of our Lord .... (Phillip Reeves)

Pray for my family’s safety … (Josh)

Pray for all family & friends .... (Steven Crumley)

Pray for family ... (B. Hudson)

Pray for the Ralph Smith family … (Anonymous)

Pray for parents' healing, Kim & Ricky, and for the people in Ukraine .... (Dustin Bolin)

Pray for restoration for family ... (Scott Byars)

That God continues His work with us in Green Pod .... (Clifton)

Pray for the loss of Trey's father … (Anonymous)

Pray for God to help guide my paths ... (Jeffery Lang)

Blue Pod:

Pray for my family & location of an attorney … (Elijah Jones)

Pray for watch over the outcome of my case … (Chris Capatino)

Pray for healing for my brother & mother … (Conrad McCarson)

Pray for my family’s safety … (Braden)

Pray for watch over Rachel, Jordan & Jalen … (James Tyler)

Pray for my daughters’ (Shaylynn & Destiny) salvation … (Anonymous)

Yellow Pod:

Pray for salvation to find others in Yellow Pod  ... (Jason Fowler)

Watch over my family ... (Israel Jackson)

Pray for me as I transition back into my community .... (Tommy James)

Pray for the health & safety of my girlfriend … (Michael Sean Smith)

Pray for the passing of the Rainey-Hill family … (Trenston Simpson)

Pray for admittance into drug recovery program … (Jarrod Whitfield)

Pray for my family’s safety & Atkinson family … (Brian Teague)

Pray for my battle with anger and resentment … (Robby Lamb)

Pray for salvation to find Michael Mashburn.  (Anonymous)

Pray for God's Word to go forth and for my release date ... (Tyrone)

Pray for watch over my mom, wife and daughter ... (Dominique Robinson)

Pray for my child's (Izzy) health and welfare ... (Stephen Smith)

Pray for God’s Will in my life … (Travis Westmoreland)

Pray for my family, friends, and upcoming court date … (Tony Roberts)

Pray for unspoken requests … (Chance Galloway)

Pray for Christ to shine as I battle my drug addiction … (Russell)

Pray for my mother’s recent loss & family … (Anonymous)

Pray for guidance as I deal with my anger issues … (Jacob King)

Pray for the Lord to watch over my family ... (Kenny Tollison)

Tallahassee FCI:

Pray for guidance as I transition to the community … (Amanda Tindell)


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