Time Served Ministry is a religious organization that carries the gospel inside the jail and prison communities to reach inmates. Attendees are interested in learning about the hope (love) that Jesus Christ has to offer. We offer Bible studies, reading plans, prayer time, and gospel-centered worship services. Since 2008, TSM continues to bring a Christ-centered gospel message of hope and restoration to the incarcerated, their families, and the nearby communities that have been affected by addiction. *All* proceeds from purchases on this webpage are used to support Time Served Ministry's "Bible Drive" for their weekly visitations. Enjoy!

CHURCHES (Outreach Programs)

 * Here are our top 7 choices for Worship Centers that participate in Jail/Prison outreach &/or addiction recovery programs - {listed in alphabetical order}.

WORSHIP CENTERS  (Greenville County):

Gethsemane Baptist Church
711 Worley Road
Greenville, SC  29609
(864) 232-8130

Grace Pointe Recovery Church
710 S. Pleasantburg Drive
Greenville, SC  29607
(864) 520-2888

Greenville SDA Church
1702 E. North Street
Greenville, SC  29607
(864) 232-8885

Relentless Church
635 Haywood Road
Greenville, SC  29607
(864) 281-1520

Seacoast Church
212 Roper Mountain Road Ext.
Greenville, SC  29615

Second Presbyterian Church
105 River Street
Greenville, SC  29601
(864) 232-7621

Triune Mercy Center
222 Rutherford Street
Greenville, SC  29609
(864) 233-8020

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